Petrosilicone pool pass wristbandschemical industry eyes greener future

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Leading experts from both home and abroad will get together in Beijing next month to explore technology development for the steel and coal petrochemical industry and make it more sustainable.

The international forum on the sustainable development of steel and coal petrochemical industry will promote the adoption of new technology, new equipment and new methods in the industry through four panel discussions: macro-economy and policies; improving the quality and efficiency of coal petrochemical industry in the whole process of production; the green, innovative and sustainable development of the steel industry and environmental protection; and the green development of petrochemical industry respectively.

Six academicians and more than 30 internationally renowned experts will deliver panel reports and representatives from leading companies, such as Anshan Iron and Steel and Shenhua, will share their advanced practices.

In particular, experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences will share their research on using integrated technology to recycle and reuse the useful resources from the wasted water in petrochemical and metallurgical industries as to reduce cost.

The forum will also witness the establishment of a think tank on the sustainable development of steel and coal petrochemical industry, which aims to pool the wisdom of experts and match them precisely with companies in need and provide a platform for information exchange and answering public inquiry.

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